I have been trying to expand my skillset lately. Currently, I am working as a Digital Content Editor which - by and larger - pivots on the written word. When asked to explain my job to people, I often describe it as somewhere between Journalism and web design. that's when I'm trying to impress people a little though,... Continue Reading →

HDR 4K Update

I went and bought a TV! I folded almost as soon as I upgraded my Xbox to the latest 4K HDR Version. I even managed to get my girlfriend on side (she thinks its a good idea for the house we may no longer be able to afford because of it). I am absolutely loving it.... Continue Reading →


I am in Reykjavik this week, so am going to be posting some images. Let me know if you like them. I'm typing this on my phone as well so I hope you can excuse any autocorrects. I don't have any editing software here, so these will all be the raw images. I'll post an... Continue Reading →

Wifi light bulbs

For a while I have been hearing about home automation and basically upgrading things that you might consider to be basic with tech. So what? Last weeks (during the Amazon sale) I decided that it might be interesting to invest in some Philips hue bulbs. For those who don't know about these yet, they are... Continue Reading →


I still believe that if you went to a jazz club with the sole intention of impersonating a cat, you would not stand out.


Back in the long nearly forgotten past, I used to love using Google as a search engine. I set my Background to be the biggest owl you have ever seen. Staring out at me as I did my searches. The day that they took that owl away from me was a sad day. And the... Continue Reading →

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