2017 in Films

I wrote this post at the beginning of the year, but wasn't sold on the films I had picked to highlight. It turns out that they were all good calls. I can't speak for the first one as I didn't find the motivation to see it, but my movie I recommend watching the most of... Continue Reading →

Captain America: Civil War impressions

I know I am a little (read ‘extremely’) late to the party with my impressions of this film, but I wanted a chance to mull it over a little before putting… errr… finger to keyboard. (Is that the digital version of pen to paper?!)

Summer Cinema Preview

So I wanted to take a few mins to outline some of the films coming out this year that are on my radar. Most of them you will probably be aware of, other you will not. I'm sticking this post to the top of the site as ill be updating it as we move through... Continue Reading →

Cap v Iron man iron man reviews are out

Captain America: civil war reviews have strated to surface already. Obviously most reviewers get early access to this type of film so that they can get the opportunity to reflect and write their articles before the official release of review date. That date apparently was today. And... They are all resoundingly possitive (as far as... Continue Reading →

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