I have been trying to expand my skillset lately. Currently, I am working as a Digital Content Editor which – by and larger – pivots on the written word. When asked to explain my job to people, I often describe it as somewhere between Journalism and web design. that’s when I’m trying to impress people a little though, it is rarely as interesting as that implies.

During my interview for the role, the company asked me to highlight way I would improve the site (this was 3 years ago now). I told them that their site was too ‘word-heavy’ and would benefit from using more images and videos to convey their information.

Their website still suffers from this, but I have come to the conclusion that video format is the way forward. Not only that but video content specifically with an audio track that works without the visuals. This is an area I am looking to upskill in, so I have set up a Youtube Channel in the overpopulated topic area of Video games.

I may in time branch out to include other things, but the aim is to get a handle on the platform, editing software, and then video generation (intro sections ect.)

You may see some pop up on this site. Please comment on them with any critique/tips and tricks you may have. Community teaching?

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