HDR 4K Update

I went and bought a TV!

I folded almost as soon as I upgraded my Xbox to the latest 4K HDR Version. I even managed to get my girlfriend on side (she thinks its a good idea for the house we may no longer be able to afford because of it).

I am absolutely loving it. I went for a Samsung Model, as it met my minimum spec, for the best price. I was unwilling to invest in a brand I didn’t recognise as an established technology producer, which narrowed the choices down to Sony, LG, Samsung and Phillips if they had a really great offer.

I did make the mistake of assuming the size of my old TV and buying one size larger (55″) as my girlfriend wanted to make sure it would be big enough for a large room when we move (I thought id have to talk her round to a larger model 😀 ) What I now have is a curved TV that is significantly bigger than my old one that only just fits into my current setup.

I purchased the TV at John Lewis as they price match and include a really good warranty on top of that. This, however, has sadly come in useful. The week before Christmas dead pixels appeared in the bottom left corner of the screen :/

John Lewis has been good and agreed to replace the screen without having to come and see it first. It’s only a small problem, but this is exactly the reason I chose them in the first place.

The part that you may be interested in is that a colleague of mine has informed me that this is an issue with Samsung TV’s. The repairman I spoke to who works for John Lewis said that this is a problem with most brands. I am not sure how to avoid this in future if this is the case, but at least I have the Warranty as reassurance…

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