#Slack and culture change

With the announcement of Destiny 2 this past week, and their increased focus on clan activities, I have decided it is passed time for Handsome Bills (the informal name for my group of friends) to expand. More players means more rewards, and effectivly more people to attend the meals we meet for.


At work recently I have been looking at new ways of working and the digital tools that can help to support teams. Because of the nature of the huge complicated teams that go into running and improving multiple websites, my company has opted to use a comprehnsive system run by Microsoft name Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS). This has many strangths for that working environment, pivoting or the way in which work can developand progress.

As the number of people in my group grows, complexities of managing the group increases. In the past we have had a small team member count, and its been feasable to run the conversations through a facebook chat thread. As more people join and the needs change, it makes sense to re-analyse our options. Can we improve?

The solution?

I have chosen to Give #Slack a go. It works as a private forrum. Allowing my team mates to start threads if they pick up a new game, as well as tag each other in comments and attachments. I just need to convince my team to join me there now.

If anyone has any expereince using Slack for any projects, let me know in the comments. Are there any pitfalls or limitations I should be looking to avoid?

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