I realised that I have not been posting on this site very regularly.

I realised this when I got an email from WordPress (the platform that I post on this site from) letting me know that the subscription had expired. For a little while, I had committed to the decision not to continue publishing my thoughts.

I have recently been relocated at work. Where I used to work 10 minutes walk from my home, I now have to undertake a 1-hour 45-minute train ride. That’s not the best work change I’ve ever undergone, but I may discuss that in a post later.

The point is, I now have a little more time each day to dedicate to this site.

I intend to post something every other day, and hopefully ill take a look at added some new widgets to the pages. Something to explore. Maybe embed some interesting code. We’ll see how it goes.

If anyone has any topics you want to hear about or discuss, put them in the comments or message me.

For now though, I may be making some subtle changes.

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