Cold brew coffee

A little while ago whilst using ‘Stumbleupon’ I came across a site talking about cold brew coffee. Some people call this Danish coffee but the basic idea behind it is to brew a cup of coffee using cold water. Apparently, it can also be called ‘Danish coffee’ due to its popularity amongst the Danish.

If you are anything like me you will already know that you shouldn’t be making coffee with boiling water. I’ve been told over and over by what I previously thought of as coffee snobs that doing so will give it a burnt taste and make it generally unpleasant. And that is as far as I can describe the thought process behind cold brew coffee.


There are a few different methods in a similar theme that are commonly used to make it. In the basic sense cold water is placed at the top and slowly dripped through ground coffee over a long period of time down into an awaiting container.

But why do it?

What results is a batch of coffee — which can be served iced or heated — that’s much less bitter than coffee brewed the traditional way. Cold-brewed coffee contains about 65 percent less acidity than coffee brewed in hot water.

When you brew with cold water over a longer period of time, you extract the fruity and chocolaty notes as well as the caffeine, but you don’t extract the bitter notes.” says Terry Darcy

All of that information about flavour and acidity all sounds great, but I would be lying if I said that the main reason I’m going to be attempting this is so that I can make a huge batch of coffee and just pour myself a shot in the morning when my brain is still sluggish.

It’s on my Christmas list anyway, so I’ll update this post in the new year if it proves to be a good move for me. 🙂

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