I have finished installing by bulbs!

In truth it was neither complicated nor time consuming. I literally plugged the hub into my router and screwed in the bulbs. Well… it was a little more complicated than that. My lights are of various fittings so I needed to buy adapters to make the bulbs fit the 3 different types I have around my house.

But they are working


The way I control them is through my phone (and tablet in a pinch.) There are huge amounts of colours, and as you control each one independently before saving a colour scheme, there is a lot of choice. Almost too much. I could do with some guidance on this. How on earth do I know what will make my Film watching experience the best?

Tomorrow plan is to look at other apps that take some of the creative flexibility away from me.

There are other things I intend to research too. Primarily, I refuse to believe that the only way to control them is through an app. Does this mean that any guest (think girlfriend) will need to install an app if she wants to turn on my lights in the middle of the night? That can’t be right.

I am also going to research whether someone has created a device that sits mid-way along an HDMI cable in order to detect the colour in the image, and broadcast to the lights. Think; between my games console and TV. That would be excellent as I )as well as almost everyone else) don’t have a Philips ambilight TV that the system integrates with.

Does this exist?

Ill keep you all posted.

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