Turtle Beach ELITE 800X

They do not photograph well…

Why I brought them

I was using a set of Astro A50’s (which I to this day have no problem with) but I neglected them a little. Because of this, the boom mike lost most of its resistance and kept falling down and hitting me in the throat. Astro would have no doubt helped me out, but I decided to see what was on the market.
These Turtle beach Headphones appealed to me as they are completely Wireless. They don’t explain this amazingly on their site, so let me clarify it here. The headset has a total of ZERO WIRES. None for charging, and none for chat.

What I like about them

Having ZERO WIRES and the ability to just drop them into their cradle is really good from a usability point of view. Another great feature (especially for the Xbox one) is that they allow you to connect your phone to them via Bluetooth. This is great because you can receive phone calls in game, or mute your game music and have Spotify playing off of your phone instead. If you balance it well using the volume of your phone (or the software on your pc) it works REALLY well.
Comfortable to wear, and great sounding. The least surprising but most important thing about them.

What I don’t like about them

The controllers can be a little fiddly, and the buttons are very sensitive. When each ear has 4 directional buttons and both quick press as well as hold commands, which make for an impressive amount of commands you could be inputting. When gently brushing them often presses the buttons, I have become extremely nervous whenever moving them.
When I first wore them, people I was talking with said that I sounded like I had my head in a carboard box. After a myriad of fine tuning this was resolved, but it shows how sensitive the adjustments need to be to make them perfect.


These are not cheap headphones. I would say ‘would I buy them for £229.99’ well the answer is, I did. So yes.
If you are looking for freedom to move around, really great sound and a host of extra features, these are great. There are not many moving parts to go wrong, so I genuinely believe that they are going to maintain their quality.

You can view them on the Turtle Beach site here.
Oh and one more thing… interchangeable plates for the ears.


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