Play the hand we are dealt.


This is just a quick post. I haven’t posted in a while and this is just something I feel that I could comment on.

I dont normally talk about politics, and im not going to reveal my voting habits here, but with the EU In/Out conclusion today, I am seeing an increasing amount of chatter on my social media channels. Chatter about how we should have stayed in, and how everyone that voted is stupid or old.

I have 2 major thoughts on this topic.

  1. If my news feed was filled with this amount of pro EU information before the vote it may have gone a different way. Before the vote – borderline silence. After the vote is when everyone decides to attempt to change peoples voting behaviour. Does that not seem insane?
  2. We are leaving the EU. Whether you agree that this is the best course or not, it is the course we are now on. We need to deal with the situation as it is and stop looking backwards. Infighting is not the way to make the country the best it can be.

I am a real believer in dealing with the situation as it is occurring. There is no point choosing how to respond to an event as it occurs, based on how it compares to what you were doing this time yesterday.

We all need to get on board with it. There is no point crying over Milk that may or may not be spilled. Just take a swig. If theres no milk in there, work out how to get more milk.

I may have lost track of this metaphor…

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