Summer Cinema Preview

So I wanted to take a few mins to outline some of the films coming out this year that are on my radar. Most of them you will probably be aware of, other you will not. I’m sticking this post to the top of the site as ill be updating it as we move through the year, as well as releasing separate reviews of each film on it as I see them.

Take a look below 🙂


Captain America: Civil War

I’m not going to beat around the bush. I am pumped for this. As of writing this, I am preparing to go and see it in the imax tonight. Based on what I know from the plot already, I do question why this isn’t a full on avengers film…


The Darkness (May 13th)

From the trailer I have seen, this is a supernatural horror story primarily revolving around a child that upsets ancient evil by picking up a Native American rock whilst out and about. I am obviously over simplifying this, but it is worth noting that the film looks like it has tones similar to that of paranormal activity.

I’m putting this in category ‘C’ on my watch list.

X-Men Apocalypse (May 18th) (<— My birthday if you want to send me a comment…)

X-men has always been a bit of an odd superhero franchise, and often fails to hit the mark tonally for me. That being said that latest installment in the series have come a lot closer to what people generally expect from films in the genre. Hopefully, X-men Apocalypse will not follow the more fanciful theme that is developing.

Due to the high budget blockbuster nature, I’m going to give it a ‘B’ on my ‘looking forward to it’ scale.

Alice Through the Looking Glass (May 27th)

The previous Alice in Wonderland film was nothing short of beautiful. Aesthetically impressive, if not otherwise unremarkable. The more I see from Alice Through the Looking Glass, the more I wonder if it is following in its predecessors footsteps. This one looks absolutely insane in comparison. At the very least, we know it’ll be beautiful but hopefully this time, the story can live up to the visuals.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (May 30th)

The less said about the 2014 TMNT film the better. This film seems to be going for broke. They have introduced a myriad of new (to the film) characters, but my primary concern is a fundamental requirement of the film. There are not many films I enjoy watching where the Main characters are 100% CGI.

I’m cautious of this one. ‘D’

Warcraft (May 30th)

The Warcraft film has been a long time coming, and I have been thinking about writing a post regarding the way that the future of video game films pivots on this film.

The film is an action adventure set in the Fantasy world that the game series occupies. Due to the nature of the content the film is undeniably CGI heavy. Coupled with the fantasy setting, and ‘traditional warcrafter’ stereotype, this film with have to do a great deal with the story-line not only to get people to enjoy the film, but to get them through the cinema door.

I don’t think ill hate this film, but I think it may have too much riding on it for me to enjoy.


Independence Day: Resurgence (June 23rd)

Twenty years have passed, both on screen and off, since aliens invaded the Earth and almost destroyed us all, and in this time it almost like someone at the movie studio said “how do you improve on an alien apocalypse move”

Based on how the trailers look the answer was “bigger space ships, bigger guns, bigger explosions” I am worried that this film will be a by the numbers sci-fi sequel, and that is not what this film deserves.


Now You See Me 2 (July 4th)

The trailer for this has me interested. I’m always a little apprehensive about watching ‘magic’ in a film, because it looks impressive when the mysteriously end up in chine, but realistically we all know its because they turned off the camera, moved to a different set and continued shooting.

But if its done right, this film could be an entertaining watch.

The Legend of Tarzan (July 8th)

The trailer for this film looks promising. The correct level of CGI to real cast for my liking, with a healthy dose of Christoph Waltz. The premise is generally Tarzan by the numbers from what I can tell, but to be honest the Tarzan concept has never been very specific (apart from its core premise.)

Hope fully this has allowed the film to include some genuine surprises and twists in the plot. I’m looking forward to finding out.


Ghostbusters (July 15th)

You should all know by now that I am a fan of Bill Murrays. Bill Murray is unfortunately not the start of the re launch of the Ghostbusters series. And that is a great shame.

Ghostbusters has been hallowed ground in the geeky community, and it may be because of this that this film is in dangerous territory. The trailer received luke-warm reactions at best, but hopefully the relatively high profile cast put in a strong performance and manage to reclaim it from the problems it is imagined to be having so far.

Reserving judgement until another trailer is out.

The Purge: Election Year (July 15th)

Two years after the last movie, Frank Grillo’s Punisher-esque character is now the head of security for a potential presidential nominee. It’s an easy gig every night of the year except one — the night when all crime is legal. And wouldn’t you know it? Grillo and the Senator are forced onto the streets, on the evening of the annual Purge. Considering we’re in an election year, the timing for this razor-sharp horror satire couldn’t be better.

The BFG (July 22nd)

Steven Spielberg’s first Disney movie is an adaptation of the famous book by Roald Dahl. I mean, come on. That’s a ticket sale right there. This is a film based on both a book and animation that I loved as a child. The Trailer gives me nostalgia. I am going to go ahead and say that this is going to be worth watching. Young children and Adults both.

Star Trek Beyond (July 22)

OK, so there is definitely something going on with sci-fi / superhero films right now. I have talked about it in previous blog posts. Its like they feel they have lulled us into the genre, now they can start pouring in the more ‘out there’ content. This isn’t a problem for me, they are preaching to the converted as far as I am concerned. But I am keen to see what the cinema going audience makes of this move.

Other films in the series have been been beautiful, funny and entertaining for even those that aren’t already drinking the tricky cool aid (I conducted experiments on others to verify this) and assuming it carries on in this vein we should have nothing to worry about.

The more outlandish characters mean that it may not be everyone’s movie of the year, but it will be enough peoples to make it do very well.

Jason Bourne (July 28th)

A new Jason Bourne movie is awesome on its own, but the reunion of star Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass brings things to another level. This story will have the super spy traveling the world, kicking ass.

That said, I was a little underwhelmed by the trailer. Hopefully the closer to delivery we get, the more hype I’ll feel for the plot.

Finding Dory (July 29th)

Listen, I know that people love finding nemo, but this feels like there are not plenty more fish in the see in this case. Initial reviews say that the premise is very similar. The production and the character are as ever, on point. But we need to look for a more interesting premise this time round.


Suicide Squad (August 5)

This is the film that others should have been. A dc film that takes itself a little less seriously, without losing the gritty edge that makes them what they are. No one wants an almost identical movie to the avengers, and this isn’t it.

A bunch of super-villains get bunched together to fight crime. SOLD!

Normally I would be concerned by the fact they have used a relatively un known model to play a major role, but the trailers actually make her look like she may be the star of the film (which is no mean feet considering who she is acting alongside)

Go Watch this film.


Lights Out (August 19th)

I like a good horror movie. And this one seems to fit that bill nicely. An evil entity that materialises when the lights are out. I showed my girlfriend the trailer. She looked suitably terrified but asked to go and watch it. That’s the reaction to hope for with a horror movie.


Sausage Party (September 2nd)

Don’t trust the trailer for this film. This is a Seth Rogan film, and the content is going to be dirty jokes. The trailer can’t include them, so it looks extremely tame. The film on the other hand will no doubt be laugh out loud hilarious.

Kubo and the Two Strings (September 9th)

This is the number one film I’m looking forward to this year. Stop motion and incredible good looking. I’m going to leave a trailer on this one so that you can take it in and get excited too.

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