Is my Facebook use unusual?

When I started out on Facebook it wasn’t a very mature site. You had to declare how you knew someone one in order to add them as a friend, and if you couldn’t, you couldn’t add them. I’m not saying this like I have the ability to lord it over anyone with my ‘extensive Facebook prowess’ because frankly, I have a passing acquaintance with most of my >200 connections at best. I mention it to highlight how much the way that we use Facebook has changed over its lifespan.

Lately, I get almost no updates from the people I’m actually friends with. I play a few video games, and subscribe to some comedy groups, and that is almost exclusively what I am using Facebook for at this point. It is almost like I have passively chosen to have my Facebook feed as a collection of forrums I have subscribed too.

Please do not misunderstand me, I have made it this way myself. If I had made different choices along the route, I would be looking at updates from people I know about their children, trips they have been on, and probably reposts from the groups they have subscribed too.

The information posts that the groups I subscribe to put out are always relevant to what I want, but I have a sneaky feeling I may be the exception to the Facebook norm…

Am I the only one?

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