Podcasts Yo!

This is just a quick post about podcasts. I wanted to list out some of the podcasts I’m listening too (I listen on iTunes, but I know some of them are definitely available through other means ie YouTube and/or android devices)

  • Rooster Teeth Podcast

Rooster teeth as a company are fairly diverse. They are probably known for their gaming podcasts and their YouTube videos (they famously do all the slowmo guys stuff) This podcast is just a general weekly chat about their lives. Just shooting the breeze but it’s a really good listen.

  • Plumbing the Deathstar

This podcasts setup is basically posting a fictional question and discussing it for an hour. Its comes out every week and has answered important questions like:

How would you survive the game of thrones?

Is being a werewolf a hassle?


Which avenger would make the best friend?

These are all genuine podcast titles…

  • The Bugle

An incredibly funny satirical look at the news. Just listen to this one. Oddly educational as well as ridiculous.

  • Richard Herrings Leicester square Theater Podcast

Or RHLSTP as the cool kids are calling it! Richard Herring interviewing a celebrity every week. Some really funny stuff. Great insights into some celebs lives, and the emergency questions are always worth listening to. It can be a bit hit or miss depending on the guest so the best bit is to listen to the ones with names you recognize.

  • The Bunker

Bare with me on this one. This was a weekly story about a post apocalyptic radio show. A really good story and not to long. I listened to this as I walked into the office every day. Recommended listening. They are starting another one if they can get the funding set on mars. I cant wait for that to come out.

Let me know in the comments if you think there are any I should be listening to.

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