Cap v Iron man iron man reviews are out

Captain America: civil war reviews have strated to surface already. Obviously most reviewers get early access to this type of film so that they can get the opportunity to reflect and write their articles before the official release of review date. That date apparently was today.

And… They are all resoundingly possitive (as far as the headlines go). Yo’ll have to forgive me. I have not read them in detail as I do not want to take anything away from the IMAX showing that I am attending next Friday night ( 😀 ). I have infact only read the titles.

But the titles I have read have all had words to the affect of “hte best marvel movie to date” I know this feels like I am paraphrasing, but I am genuinly not.This is all good signs for the franchise.

Im still worried about how the spiderman angle is going to play out.

My review will be out friday…

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