Bastille Day afterthoughts

“Bastille Day” is an original idea about a young American artist living in Paris and a washed up CIA agent who together are tasked with diverting an imminent attack on the city.

This is the synopsis for the film that I read before going to watch it. It is laughably brief, and made me think. Is this a good summary of the film that I am about to watch?

So let me caveat this entire post by giving a little background about how I have already seen this film, and the circumstances around how I watch them. My local cinema offers a really great deal where for a set annual payment, you can watch as many films as you want without paying. You get some other perks like money off at the snacks counter, discount at local eating joints, and most importantly previews to film that aren’t showing yet.

The reason I am saying this is because I don’t feel like I am paying to watch these films. I realised early on (when watching ‘Jack Reacher’) that this makes me enjoy films a great deal more. When I don’t feel like I’m paying through the nose to see it, everything tastes so much sweeter…

The Overview

Firstly, I am going to come right out and say it. I had no idea how French this film was. The title should have given it away to be honest. I don’t mean this in a negative way. I enjoy a good French film. I was just surprised to be reading so much of the films subtitles, how clearly French the non leading cast were, and how stereotypically French the set design was.

That being said, There are some scenes in this film I really enjoyed. I think I saw the first genuinely (somewhat) realistic roof top chase. When I say the cast was sliding around of the roof and bumbling around, you probably imagine some fool on his ass, and Edris Elba gallantly power housing his way along behind him (see trailer above). That’s not really the case though. They are both going ass over tit throughout, and its really enjoyable.

That being said, the film is lacking in some other areas. The plot, although having some twists, was not overly driving. It wasn’t edge of the seat stuff. But it was enjoyable to watch. Clearly a great deal of the budget was spent on the two lead roles, and they do a really good job in carrying what could have otherwise been a much more lacklustre film.

There are a lot of good lines in it, and a some good ‘quips’ I am glad I watched it, but am not sure that I could recommend paying a full ticket price to go and see it. It will definitely be worth it for some people. I took my girlfriend to see it and she enjoyed it as much as I did, so it seems to have a broad appeal. That being said, it is not a million miles away from being a cheesy full on action film, inspired by the film ‘Taxi’.

If you want to go to the cinema, I recommend it. If you are only looking to go to the cinema once this month, Jungle book may be a better option.

Next up on my film list is ‘Green room’ on the 27th. I will let you know how (or if) it compares.


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