I decided it would be a wise move to start getting rid of huge swathes of my clothes, and replace them with something post 2010. I (like many people no doubt) am crazy indecisive when it comes to purchasing clothes. I’m always looking for something that doesn’t exist, but ill know it when I see it. This inevitably results in me never buying anything but coffees whilst I walk around shops essentially just wasting time.

So I went out and found myself a site on the web that would allow me to upload pics of myself, give them my measurement style preferences etc, and they would send me a box of clothes at my request. They are called ‘Enclothed’ and only bill me for the bits I’m going to keep.

I’ve decided to write a breakdown of what I get when the boxes arrive, and give an accumulative sense of the services value for money.

Watch this space.

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